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Posted By: Mr Red
15-May-19 - 02:02 AM
Thread Name: Tech: (And BS) Why app rather than website?
Subject: RE: Tech: (And BS) Why app rather than website?
Surely the App has to give an advantage over using the browser?

Otherwise why use it? Convenience is not enough for the wary. My browser homepage is a local .htm file full of links to MY favourites, set in 2 dimensions (3 if you count the various categories). Browser favourites are for occasional needs and can be edited on the hoof. And they can be read by the providers of free browsers. Chrome IS Goggle, FireFox defaults to Goggle - there is a reason for that. I can surmise but they ain'ta telling us.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, if the App is free, there is a reason. And whatever they tell you, isn't what they don't tell you. There is a reason for that!

The internet has always been full of fake news, personal agendas and covert surveillance. It just has been getting more subtle/complex as the medium matures.

Fakebook's algorithm has defaulted me to adverts of second hand cars with occasional "other" ephemera. Because, I presume, my "personna" is parked in one of the outlier categories. I have never looked at second hand cars on the internet, and wouldn't buy that way, so Up Yours Fakebook, I win.