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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
13-May-19 - 07:36 AM
Thread Name: Worst Movie ever
Subject: RE: Worst Movie ever
Gone Girl was a very entertaining movie.

Folks can be as prococatively perverse as they like.
But in the end it just tends to show they have little understanding
of the type of popular culture and it's audience they feel superior to...

We get a lot of that on mudcat...

In over 50 years I've watched and enjoyed many thousands of movies
of all genres, and levels of quality from trash to art house...

I'd rather trust my balanced opinion,
which is mirrored by an old schoolfriend who is a professsional movie critic, and author.
.. and likewise his mates who include internationally recognised critics, writers, media creatives...

SO, back to Gone Girl...
By any reasonable standards a well made and acted black comedy thriller...

I used to work in an Art House Cinema.. saw all sorts of pretentious toss,
funded by taxpayers, made to appeal to an elitist minority audience.
I actually liked a lot of it..
However, so much of this high minded cinematic art was appallingly dire,
and torture to sit through.
But I persevered, because I felt I ought to...

The only movie I've ever walked out on through sheer tedium
was Derek Jarman's "Caravaggio"..
[and I'd previously sat through his films finding aspects to enjoy..]
Maybe It was me, and I wasn't in the right mood that night...???
Should I try again..????
..not now.. life's too short and there are hundreds more accumulating I'd rather watch instead,
but can't find time for...

Btw.. movies as passive entertainment..
Only if you've not aquired the skill set to enage intellectually with a film
while wathing it,
and afterwards while considering and discussing it...
NOT that different from reading a novel really...

Obviouly cinemas impose a strict time limitation on an audience,
but home viewing puts it under your control to watch and react with
on your own terms..
The pause and repeat buttons are at your command.
Just like going back and re-reading a few paragraphs or pages, thinking about it, until they sink in...