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Posted By: Joe Offer
13-May-19 - 01:49 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: I Dreamed I Saw Tricky Dick Last Night
Subject: Lyr Add: I Dreamed I Saw Tricky Dick Last Night
This song is severely dated, but it does have some relevance for the current U.S. Presidential Administration....

(tune: “Joe Hill” lyrics: Sandy Pliskin)

I dreamed I saw Tricky Dick last night, alive as you or me;
Says I, “But Dick, you’re ten months dead,
“I never died,” says he. “I never died,” says he.

I ran with Ike in ’52, though critics did beseech
That I would bring the ticket down,
‘Til I made the “Checkers” speech. (repeat)

In ’60 JFK and I engaged in two debates,
His TV charm I could not match,
So I lost, it was my fate. (repeat)

In ’62 I ran but lost the Golden State to Brown,
In pique, I said, “The country’s press
Won’t have me to kick around.” (repeat)

A “New Nixon” was still to rise, and ultimately reach
The presidency of this land
‘Til I nearly got impeached. (repeat)

Disgraced, I left the Oval Office, surely now undone,
‘Til elder statesman I became,
No longer was I shunned. (repeat)

No Democrat, no protestor, no critics in the press
Could e’er completely bury me
‘Til I took my final rest. (repeat)

For though my body breathes no more, my spirit did not die,
For Dole and Gramm and Gingrich, too,
Went on to scheme and lie. (repeat)

They say that I will never rise, to once more put the fix on,
But where money, sleaze, and power mix,
It’s there you’ll find Dick Nixon. (repeat)

[Repeat first verse]