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Posted By: Jim Carroll
10-May-19 - 12:00 PM
Thread Name: If you don't like ballads......
Subject: RE: If you don't like ballads......
"“changing musical trends“ "
You used it Dave, and, when applied to something as well established and continually used, it is a nonsensical excuse for the fall of the folk club scene
If you link to something you put them up as your opinion, surely
WE're not here to discuss other people's opinions - just our own
I don't "make things up (you are calling me a liar again)
I make mistakes, but I see no point in taking part in a public forum to 'make things up, that is insulting both to my honesty and my intelligence
We all make mistakes you and me included
A bit different to the persistent suggestion (not by you) that I have ever suggested a tradition only, unaccompanied scene.
You have wrung the last drop ob blood out of a couple of them
If you are not interested in circular pointless arguments - stop riding them and respond to what is actually said and the spirit in which it has been put forward
As far as I am concerned, folk song is still a perfectly viable form of entertainment - the fact that so many clubs have decided otherwise, but have clung on to the title has done a great deal of damage to the venues that were created to promote it