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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
06-May-19 - 12:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: the roadkill thread
Subject: RE: BS: the roadkill thread
& here in Australia we have kangaroos which travel by jumping, including into the road! Cars & trucks can kill them, but they can also kill & injure people in cars.

Wombats grow to about 40 inches long and can weigh between 44 and 77 pounds & are a species that walks straight ahead - whether onto roads, or thru garden fences etc.

As misguided settlers brought with them the game animals (rabbits, hares & foxes as well as other animals & birds) they were used to at Home (notice the capital letter, my parents generation & those before them referred to UK as Home)) they also contribute to roadkill - latest menace in the news are feral deer that can do as much damage to a car as a kangaroo!

I once annoyed my driver by counting the road kill.

There used to be a food supplier at Festivals using the name Roadkill Cafe - but they sold ordinary festival food.

So I googled the name & there is a real Roadkill cafe in Darwin!