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Posted By: Iains
03-May-19 - 11:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: How I Learnt to Loathe England (article)
Subject: RE: BS: How I Learnt to Loathe England (article)
Thatcher arrived at a particular point in the economic cycle where vast changes were already in train. These changes were occurring all over western Europe and the US.
"By the 1980s, the Rust Belt became what the Dust Bowl had been to an earlier generation—a symbolic name for a devastating economic change ..."

Coal mining, heavy industry,Textiles all decayed because widgets could be imported at less cost than home manufacture. Coupled with deregulation under Reagan and Thatcher Big Bang and globalism took off.
Thatcher was as much a slave to her times as she created those times.
The genie does not go back in the bottle. The problems, solutions and collateral damage was not just in the UK.

Blaming Thatcher for a worldwide de industrialization cannot be substantiated.