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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
26-Apr-19 - 12:32 PM
Thread Name: Making folk club recordings available
Subject: RE: Making folk club recordings available
Jack - Surely it's up to each individual acting as an informed criticical 'consumer'
to determine what they personally want to listen to and enjoy,
learn from, or learn how not to..

It's all too complex for simplistic absolutist pronoucements...

Artists are often the worse judges of their own performances and creativity,
and their vanity & egos can make harsh unreasonable poorly considered decisions
on what they want witheld or destroyed on their death..

Deceased artist's relatives can be some of the most boneheaded and greedy custodians of an artist's estate..

Ill-informed interfering strangers hurling random dogmatic "thou shalt not"s
are just a pain in the arse...