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Posted By: David Carter (UK)
23-Apr-19 - 02:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: What does 8 thousand pounds buy?
Subject: RE: BS: What does 8 thousand pounds buy?
Euros will be accepted by many shops in London and other tourist areas, not so much outside. Sadly, my savings are mostly in sterling. To buy Euros you can go to a bank or the post office, and get ripped off, or to a travel agent and get totally ripped off, or buy them at an airport or international train station (we only have one of the latter), where you will be completely and utterly ripped off. Or you can buy from a variety of internet sites which will post them to you such as travelFX, these give the best rates.

We should have joined the Euro in 2002, when we could have got around 1.6 for each of our pounds, now thanks to our hopeless politicians its 1.14. For this I blame Gordon Brown, about the only thing he got wrong. My 6000 was an exaggeration, but we have been severely disadvantaged compared with our colleagues in mainstream Europe.