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Posted By: Backwoodsman
23-Apr-19 - 02:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: A solution to Fakebook
Subject: RE: BS: A solution to Fakebook
You have a point, Dave. But the important point of my post was about people endangering their kids by posting their photos all over FaceBook for any paedophile or like-farmer to latch on to. In comparison to some of the horror-stories of mis-use of children’s pictures on social media, I believe my use of the word ‘brat’ really is of very little consequence. And, like you, I’ve no intention of getting into a protracted discussion, so that’s my only comment.

Anyway, here’s my post again, with the offending words replaced...

“I hate the smug posts of photos of other people’s kids and grand-kids particularly irritating, not to mention frustrating that they should be so stupid as to put photos of kids they are supposed to love and protect out into the wild, where anyone can use them for whatever perverse, or perverted, purpose they wish.

One thing FarceBook has taught me is that there are a very great many people who have little imagination or common sense.”