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Posted By: catspaw49
15-Feb-01 - 02:21 PM
Thread Name: What's in a (Mudcat) name
Subject: RE: BS: What's in a name more time, just for chuckles.........

Before running into a few problems which put things on hold, I was building dulcimers under the name, Catspaw Dulcimers. I sail, and a "catspaw" is a light frothing off the top of a wave in a fresh breeze and the lightness of them struck me as very apt in describing a Hammered Dulcimer's sound. I was using the name on the net some before arriving and taking up residence here.

When I found Mudcat, I noticed a mix of names and when I signed on it seemed more were using handles on that day, so I chose catspaw. I had to add a number on another website and used my birth year so I inadvertently added the 49 here. Since then, my entire life's story has been told around here and older members will recall that I think even pictures of my "innards" have been posted!!! That's why it always gets me when someone accuses me of hiding behind a nickname.....get real!!!! I'm willing to bet there is not another 'Catter about which so much is known or can be easily found on the threads.

Kat shortened it to Spaw almost two years ago and its been Spaw ever since. Talking to other 'Catters on the phone.......I'm still Spaw. After 10,000 posts here, its kinda' hard to think of me as Pat. If you're new, that's also me: Pat Patterson, 411 Purvis Avenue, Bremen, Ohio, 43107......born June 8, 1949 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Married to Karen (Karenspaw) with two kids, Tristan age 9, and Michael age 8. Run a filter search for two years on catspaw if you need more. If you're not afrid of crashing your browser, click on my name above and then have a nap while it loads!!!

Seriously, its always nice to run one of these every now and again for new folks. Back when I joined, we were pretty "closed-mouth" about everything personal. I remember the first time we ran an age and location thread, we logged in without a name and just gave our sex, age, and general location. What a riot when you consider what's going on now. This is a wonderfully open community and even with the problems we sometimes have, still the finest place on the net.