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Posted By: Iains
14-Apr-19 - 06:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Julian Assange Traitor or hero?
Subject: RE: BS: Julian Assange Traitor or hero?
I wonder how many of the stories about his time within the embassy are actually true? Or were they part of a softening up process to wittle away his support. I wonder to what extent those rape charges were true?
Originally it was a request he submit to testing for STD's. This suddenly escalated to rape charges. How much deep state influence was involved in that process one may ask?
Like so many things it is a serious game of smoke and mirrors, rabbit holes galore, to trap the unwary.
It shows remarkable affiliation to:
The horror tales of brexit
Russian intereferance in the Presidential elections.
The constant negative references to populism
(It could be it is simply popular and does not fit with the agenda of the elite!)

There are many here who fall for it every time- hook, line and sinker!