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Posted By: Jim Carroll
13-Apr-19 - 02:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: Julian Assange Traitor or hero?
Subject: RE: BS: Julian Assange Traitor or hero?
"Reading comprehension, Jim - your sarcasm makes no sense"
Sorry if that's how it came across - it was no more than a (feeble maybe) attempt at humour
I have no idea how Assange 'helped Trump to get to the White House' - if he did - my instincts are that if people like Bobad says he did he probably didn't
The latest sharp swing to the extreme right - Brexit, Trump, the rise of European neo-fascism, a sharp spike in racist incidents.... have been brought about by substituting basic prejudices for real information - scapegoat politics of the worst kind
'Democracy' of the watered down type we have lived under for so long, has relied on the voter believing what they are told - now the establishment appears to be running out of excuses and is trying a new tack
I know nothing whatever about Assange as a an individual and I don't particularly want to - he provided information that we needed to have and the fact that the establishment accused him of being a "traitor" is enough for me to believe he struck a raw nerve.

The State has always have had a way of dealing with uncomfortable information leaks - security being the favourite
The U.S. is as 'insecure' as it has ever been with an inarticulate moron with his finger on the red button.
Britain played the Populist card and now no longer has a Governing body that can agree on the most important decision it has ever taken

When Assange let the cat out of the bag, within a year a casual accusation of passing on a sexual infection turned into a rape charge
Ireland has just gotten over a case where an honest policeman blew the whistle on police corruption - shortly after making his case he was facing accusations of interfering with children... later proved to be totally unfounded
How far do you want to go back.... ?
When one of Ireland's great national liberation heroes caught the people's imagination and was executed, his memory was besmeared because he was a homosexual

Some countries have a far cruder way of dealing with whistle-blowers - in the case of my particular hero, seventeen years in solitary confinement was their punishment for telling the world that an unstable right-wing state indulging in driving out the legal occupants of their lands had become nuclear-capable

Please don't get bogged down in meaningless discussions on what these people might be in their private lives - it's what they did which makes them important
Jim Carroll