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Posted By: Bardford
15-Feb-01 - 01:22 PM
Thread Name: What's in a (Mudcat) name
Subject: RE: BS: What's in a name
I don't type accurately. A couple letters became transposed when early on I posted to a thread. I decided to stick with Bardford, as invariably that's the way the name shows up when I type it, and it has a lofty and pretentious quality that smacks of wisdom and ability. It is a name, I like to think, that evokes respect and admiration from males, and passionate wonder from females. A name whose bearer knows when to speak, and when to keep his council. A name that hearkens to the lyrical days of yore, yet acknowledges the challenges of the future, whilst keeping its feet firmly planted in the present. A name you can trust to take care of your children. A name that respects the elders of the community. A name that embraces, nay, cherishes each thing as sacred, even the highland pipes, but not the highland pipes played through the small speakers of an AM radio. A name, maybe, for a small town, a town that resonates with good will and opportunity; where the arts are integral, not incidental, to the school curricula, and the graffitti speaks of joy, not despair. Thank you.

Cheers, Bardford