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Posted By: Jim Carroll
29-Mar-19 - 03:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
"Her deal was a load of b***llo**cks, Jim. Total sh***te."
Of course it was - why should it be any different from everything connected with this catastrophe ?
As bad as it was, the alternatives are far, far worse, to Britain and to Ireland
Britain has been shedding bompanies faster than a stripper shrows her knickers into the crowd - even financial backers of Brexit are rapily moving their businesses elsewhere
One of the most persistent maritime superstitions is that of rats leaving a sinking ship
The people who are re-siting their businesses are in a win-win situation - they still profit from Britain while pouring their profits into other counties - as usual, it's us that will take the brunt of this farce - we are now - promoted to road-crash dummies
Ireland stands to have its businesses badly damaged, but most worrying, if Britain crashes out without a deal there is a serious risk that decades of negotiation to reach peace will be flushed down the pan
I have not time for any form of capitalism, but I'd rather see the world freed from it out of choice rather than necessity brought about by war and want
Despite al the EU's undeniable flaws Id rather try then that the alternative
Ther same goes fro May, by the way - would you want your daughter to bring Boris Johnson home ?
Frigged if I would
At least May recognises the dangers of crashing out "Put-Your Money-Elswhere Quickly" Moggie sees only the personal profits in leaving Europe - sod the sinking ship and all who sink in her