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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
24-Mar-19 - 10:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: If I were a remainer...
Subject: RE: BS: If I were a remainer...
This may be too personal and anecdotal for some here..
Therefore entirely deniable and dismisable...

The council estate I grew up on was built to service the biggest factory in our small town.
Real high quality post war solid building standards, with large front and back gardens.
Jobs for life, good living conditions, and stability...

Then Thatcher introduced 'right to buy', which bribed votes on the estate.
Within a year factory working new home owners painted their front doors
whatever colour they fancied to boast their individuality and new found status..
I'm alright Jack, eff U...!!!

My parents were commited to the principles of council accomodation
so stayed renters.

Within another year or so, the factory was suddenly closed down
and workers on the estate, my dad included, made redundant.
The new 'middle class' home owners were no longer so cushy..

If I speculate on matters a generation ago, as best I remember...
Many of those ex council house renters ended homeless
in a town with little else employment or alternative social housing
and their homes sold off at at auction.

I can only guess how many high quality houses with big gardens
ended up cheaply in the clutches of private landlords...

Thatcher couldn't have planned that better...???