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Posted By: Steve Shaw
22-Mar-19 - 12:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: If I were a remainer...
Subject: RE: BS: If I were a remainer...
The LibDems have always been a bunch of pusillanimous, wet, expedient-minded Tories. It transpires that Steel knew all about Cyril Smith but kept quiet about it, and they threw their lot in, extremely undemocratically, with the real Tories in 2010, who took the suckers for a ride, ridiculing them with a fake referendum on the voting system and obliging them to overturn a solemn promise on tuition fees. And guess what, they didn't see it coming. Before that, they had opportunistically thrown their lot in with the charlatan SDP to keep Maggie in power for many more damaging years and they'd even tried it on with Labour in the seventies. That went well, didn't it? Libby-no-mates they are but they'll sell their souls to go for power at any price. No morals, no scruples and the leader before this one was a rabid anti-abortionist.The LibDem campaign round here in 2010 was all about "whatever else, vote LibDem in Cornwall to keep out the Tories at all costs." So we did, and they'd lied, and look where we are today. I'd rather hack off my family jewels with a rusty machete than vote LibDem, and the very thought of supporting them makes me want to throw up.