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Posted By: SPB-Cooperator
21-Mar-19 - 08:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
I am disgusted by May's condescending and patronising behaviour. How dare she presume what I want. She could not form a majority government and she only stays in power by virtue of support from the DUP. The referendum was not a mandate to dictate the terms on which we would leave. The fallback position can only be leaving EU but remaining in EEA until a further referendum says otherwise. There is no mandate to discontinue freedom of movement - that is purly a presumptive statement that May made. There is no mandate to leave the single market or customs unions, so there is no lawful basis for UK or EU to withdraw the benefit of these from any businesses or consumers who want thesew to continue.

EU27 customs and border officials MUST continue to allow use of EU customs and passport channels unhindered for everyone who have not consented to this right being withdrawn, otherwise they are obeying the orders of thier UKIP/NEO-fascist overlords.

There is no reason why EU cannot agree an emergency treaty to allow 'split' arrangments, whereby those of us who do not consent to leave retain 100% of the benefits of EU membership, and everyone else has no rights whatsover. I would be happy to pay my 20 per year contribution on top of my tax liabilities, for which I would also expect to right of representation in the European Parliament and European Council. I would also expect the EU to enforce all European Law that has an impact on the rights of thise who do not consent to leave, if necessary applying harsh sanctions against those who do consent. I would, finally, expect EU to compensate UK citizens for non-compliance by the UK government, recovering the costs through the aforementioned sanctions.

it is all a perfecr solution. Leavers get everything they want for themselves - pay for it - without ****ing up the lives of the rest of us.