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Posted By: Thompson
19-Mar-19 - 01:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Vegetable soup - any ideas?
Subject: RE: BS: Vegetable soup - any ideas?
Oh, and tummy stuff. I got sicker than I ever hope to be again after eating a sorbet in southern Spain. That was before the EU, when all the public water sources in France had notices saying "Eau non potable". All forgotten now, in both Spain and France.

And probably the biggest and stupidest cause of gut poisoning in homes and businesses is people storing raw meat above cooked meat in the fridge. One drip from above and it's a poison party for bacteria.

Another cause is ill-paid, tired workers not washing their hands after chopping raw meat and working on cooked meat.

But then if you'd done any waitressing you'd remember the classy places with sewage leaking out over the floor outside the kitchen and rats peeking cheekily through the cupboards.