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Posted By: GUEST,Jim Knowledge
03-Mar-19 - 06:35 AM
Thread Name: Article discussion:'There’s nowt so fake as folk'
Subject: RE:'There’s nowt so fake as folk'
I `ad that Dominic Green in my cab the other day. `e wanted to go to `is office at "STANDPOINT".`e said `e was planning on doing an article about banning books `cos their production destroys the forests? `ark at `im!
I said, "Morning Dommers. I see that article you wrote about "fake music" `as really put the cat among the pigeons. It`s got all them Mudcatters going ape. Although it does look like you`ve done your `omework and read a bit"
`e said, "I really don`t know why Jim. Too me it`s as plain as a pikestaff. If you read all the old tomes you will find they sussed out, even in those times the `ype that was going on. They knew that the Nordic `otpoint Fridgian chord scale that included inverted triads would `armonise with any raised 7th. The singers of that time were always doing this, specially when the collectors were around. Minor progressions were the order of the day to express the sadness of their live until their ship came in then major scales with the odd augmented root and diminished diatonic thirds were to be heard. With the increase of sea trade these traits found their way from the cold north to Spain and Italy, `ence the the strains to be found in flamenco and Itie songs such as "Just One Cornetto" today."
I said, "KINELL!!"

Whaddam I Like??