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Posted By: Helen
02-Mar-19 - 05:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: Phone related traffic deaths
Subject: RE: BS: Phone related traffic deaths
Very noble of you, pfr! :-)

It takes a lot of mental and emotional effort, I reckon, to drive and/or walk for yourself and others at the same time who choose not to take responsibility for their own actions.

Sometimes when I am driving and waiting to enter traffic from a side street with limited view of oncoming traffic, and with an impatient driver behind me, I choose not to enter the road when I see a one-car sized gap in oncoming traffic because I have a serious suspicion that Mr or Ms Impatience behind me will pull out into the traffic right behind me on the basis of my evaluation that it is safe for me i.e. safe for one car to enter traffic, rather than stopping to evaluate the safety margin for themselves, i.e. two cars fitting into a one-car gap.

COTUS - centre of the universe syndrome. The whole world will get out of their way without needing to be told, e.g. without using their indicator signals, and without them having to check to make sure that it is safe to proceed.

Question - off topic. A thought just occurred to me. If COTUS is centre of the universe syndrome, what is (the current) POTUS? Just wondering - from afar.