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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
28-Feb-19 - 09:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Should 'Jihadi bride' come back to UK?
Subject: RE: BS: Should 'Jihadi bride' come back to UK?
Steve - Not everyone can attain your level of moral high ground perfection.
Reactionary and sometimes objectionable prejudices
are a fact of life amongst ordinary working class folks
who used to constitute Labour's traditional core vote...

In most places outside of lefty liberal mudcat BS you will not be taken seriously or tolerated
for your views on the 'Jihadi bride' and these bloody silly pellet targets...
It's largely agreed she should come back to face the music, and her baby should be cared for.
But reality is she's stuck where she is at mercy of an uncertain future.
Getting so worked up about these pellet targets and attacking anyone who isn't as bothered as you
is completely self-indulgent and sows rancour amongst 'friends'...

We seem to have different priorities and methods.
Though we both want the same end, a Labour Govt.
I think we both favour a moderate to quite left manifesto...
This will never happen when a mass of voters are made to feel Labour is no longer their party.

I am becoming even more convinced that as long as the Labour party
continues to be taken over by middle class academics/ideologues,
who are discomforted by and disdainful of the 'uncouth and unruly working class'..*
Then Labour's chances of forming a Govt are f@cked...

Zealous lefties lecturing and scolding anyone who thinks the targets are just 'a bit of fun'
is not likely to win such folks round to continuing to vote labour,
or doing it for a first time...!!!

The mass of new members who have signed up for party membership
because of JC,
are not enough to win an election.
My educated guess is they are mostly young idealistic students
and unrepresentative of the old core Labour voters...???
SO unrepresentative that their presence may be turning away far more older less radical Labour supporters....??????

The far right is eagerly waiting with open arms for all who are driven out from Labour towards their cluches...

[* a pefect example of a "discomforted and disdainful middle class lefty"
was my Ideology lecturer over 35 years ago..
an academic militant politicised in her student youth in some kind of circa 1968 revolutionary socialist party..
I saw her on a bus once sat amidst young working class 'oiks'
and the rigid look of fearful distaste & discomfort on her face was priceless...]