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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
23-Feb-19 - 03:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Economically a hard Brexit will hit Britain severely too. Ireland is her biggest trading partner. If the UK leaves with no deal, she will be obliged to replace each one from scratch, with every nation individually. And the USA is currently unpredictable in that sphere, so no assurances there. With Europe acting as a bloc, that's not a secure place to be, as numerous British fiscal experts have warned. So it cuts both ways. This impasse is not chiefly about political ideals.

The real issue in Ireland, north and south, is less Brexit-pro-vs-con (though the North did vote to remain) as the spectre of Brexit with no deal. In addition to the financial aspects, it will almost certainly return us - on both sides of the border - to violence and personal endangerment. (And is Britain really prepared to send in armed forces?) No Irish government is going to sit still for that. Why should they put their own citizens at risk?

They're only holding May to what she already consented to: i.e., a backstop. The Good Friday Agreement was also a mutually signed treaty, parts of which are now being blithely disregarded. I don't know why May feels entitled to go back on her word, nor where the sense of injury comes from. Neither Europe nor Ireland kicked the UK out. It kicked itself out.

I'm a dual British/American citizen, resident in the Republic of Ireland for longer than either my native country or my naturalised one - both of whom I love. It gives me no joy to write this.