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Posted By: robomatic
22-Feb-19 - 02:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Should 'Jihadi bride' come back to UK?
Subject: RE: BS: Should 'Jihadi bride' come back to UK?
The Jewish people ARE linked to the formation of Israel, the Jewish State. This does not mean that all actions of Israel are indissoluble with 'the Jewish people' but there is a common interest in survival and a common identification with the survival of both entities as linked.

The Jewish people as a whole in the United States are very pro-Israel, although this does not mean they would vote for the current Israeli PM. After all, not all Israelis did. Israel, as is any Democracy, is rife with political strife. Israel's government is more modelled after that of Britain than that of the United States.

Does agreement or disagreement with the BREXIT vote entail declaring that Britain is an oppressive state or the opposite?

Are there Mudcatters who believe that support of Israel and fighting for the IDF is on a moral equivalency to support of ISIS and fighting for ISIS? I agree that they both being with the letter 'I' but that's only in the English language and there the resemblance ends.