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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
22-Feb-19 - 10:46 AM
Thread Name: Which BBC Schools Broadcast around 1966
Subject: Lyr Add: Battle Song of the Zartians
Tune: Morning comes early

Calling all Zartians to take a stand.
Earthman invaders approach our land
Up and attack to make them draw back,
We are all set and our space-ships manned.

Though we are small we are bold and strong.
Our two antennae are extra long;
They can detect each thought as you think it,
They can transmit every Zartian song.

We are the masters of all the sky.
Out into space let our rockets fly.
As you come nearer into our orbit
Two-legged strangers, prepare to die.

X: 1
T: Zartians
M: 4/4
L: 1/4
Z: NP 22/02/2019
K: C
C/C/DE/GF/| EDC2| G/G/AB/dc/| BAG2| c/ed/cB| A/AG/(FE)| D/DEGG/F/| EDC2||
w: Calli-ng all Zar-tians to take a stand. Earth-man in-vad-ers ap-proach our land. Up and at-tack to make them draw back,_ We are all set and our space-ships manned.

Sourced from “Time and Tune” from BBC Radio broadcasts for schools Spring 1965.
The BBC booklet gives no author for the song, but the broadcasts were “edited and produced by Jenyth Worsley” and the back cover gives the tune as “Morning Comes early” from “A Canadian Song Book” published by J.M.Dent & Sons Ltd.   NP