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Posted By: Jim Carroll
20-Feb-19 - 06:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: Should 'Jihadi bride' come back to UK?
Subject: RE: BS: Should 'Jihadi bride' come back to UK?
Very different, but I can't help seeing parallels between this young woman's experiences and what happened to my Dad in the thirties
When or family heard stories from Jewish neigbours abou what was happening in Germany, they took to the streets to stop The Blackshirts marching - my grandmother was arrested for throwing a stone which hit Mosley
My father and his mates, worried at the apparent appeasement to the Nazis, volunteered to fight in Spain, was wounded and captured and spent a year in one of Franco's prisons, where he was subjected to the mental torture of irregular 'mock executions'
When he finally returned home he found himself excommunicated from his religion and blacklisted by MI5 as what later came to be known as "a premature anti-facist"
He was forced to leave home and work a a navvy and wasn't able to return permanently until nearly twenty years later.I have no idea what promoted this then child to join, but the parallels of appeasing a murderous tyrannical regime are pretty obvious, to me at least
Do describe a child/woman who went out to fight Assad as "a traitor" is as sick as it gets
That she was almost certainly groomed, a were many, makes her as much a victim as any
If the West had stood up to Assad's crimes in the first place this configuration need never have happened and Isis would have remained the insignificant bunch of cranks they were
JIm Carroll