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Posted By: Iains
19-Feb-19 - 03:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: Should 'Jihadi bride' come back to UK?
Subject: RE: BS: Should 'Jihadi bride' come back to UK?
Under Syrian Law it is quite clear. The child is Dutch by virtue of taking his fathers nationality.
Senoufou I cannot see how Piers Morgan adds anything useful to the discussion of the problem, it is merely a rather nasty unthinking soundbite. But it is a real problem. Extremism in certain mosques was ignored by the authorities and government negligence aided and abetted the problem. I can accept brainwashed as being an outcome,but words like grooming betray an ignorance of the meaning of the word, that has strictly sexual connotations. To what extent they were the young innocents led astray as beloved by the majority of those here attempting the moral high ground is a total unknown at this stage. I have severe doubts about such an explanation but that is an irrelevance at this stage. She and others went to a warzone on the side of enemies we were fighting.
Britain had no role during the Spanish civil war but the release of recent records show what a close eye British intelligence kept on the potential volunteers at the ports, and how unwilling they were to prevent their departure. The British government was loth to use the 1870 Foreign Enlistment Act, fearing that if a case came to court it could not secure a conviction, and would face political embarrassment.
the returning British veterans received a tumultuous reception from friends, families and supporters, they faced grave suspicion from many within the government and security services who suspected that the veterans had been ‘imbued with revolutionary sentiments’.

Although it was recognised that there was little chance of successfully prosecuting any volunteers under the archaic Foreign Enlistment Act, many veterans found their attempts to volunteer for the armed forces in the Second World War blocked, or encountered discrimination in their workplaces for many years to come.

A similar treatment was handed out to Irish Nationals who fought for the allies in WW2

In both these cases the combatants were not fighting their own country,unlike the present crop of jihadists.
The closest equivalent would be the British Free corps commanded by Waffen SS officers. Most of the members were handed
custodial sentences.
Some suggest the treason laws should be updated.
It is hardly inhuman to insist that those that might be judged to have put society at risk should be punished. To advocate any other course of action would be stupidity