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Posted By: Jim Carroll
18-Feb-19 - 04:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Should 'Jihadi bride' come back to UK?
Subject: RE: BS: Should 'Jihadi bride' come back to UK?
This is not unlike the inhuman attitude that the survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster be left to fend for themselves rather than allow them the use of vacant and usable property on a temporary basis
It's about time the people who support leaving this young woman and her newborn child out in a war zone that is quite likely to shortly turn into a killing field for Assad and his thugs, remember who we are discussing - a young woman who went out as a child and a newborn baby
That large sections of the British population can be claimed to support leaving her there shames the British people and what they have become - pretty well in line with leaving refugees and asylum seekers and their children to drown rather than allow them to land - I can never remember my country sinking as low as this in my lifetime
We should hang our heads in shame rather than display these disgusting figures as evidence that this young woman should be left to die - what kind of people would even consider it ?
Jim Carroll