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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
16-Feb-19 - 01:37 PM
Thread Name: Out of the PhD tunnel: medieval storytelling
Subject: RE: Popping my head above the parapet
> There aren't any songs as such in the story, and I haven't been moved to create any as yet, although there are certainly references to troubadour poetic forms and substance, and there are parts of the story where I can envisage music happening. It isn't entirely clear how it would have been performed, although it was definitely intended for a listening audience...

"Haven't been moved to create any as yet..." !!!!!!! If I'd just birthed a book-length academic thesis, I wouldn't be moved to create anything more ambitious than a giant mug of hot chocolate. But... the muse will soon be whispering and tugging at your sleeve, I've no doubt. And I would LOVE to hear related Anne songs. To that end, a Thought (which gets a capital letter cuz I think it's a brilliant idea...):

What about doing a Marie-de-France-meets-Rodgers-and-Hammerstein thing, and interposing your own ballads or comic songs (or whatever) at key points in the story, which can more or less also stand independently of the larger work? Rather than even attempting to be period-authentic, just do it in modern-verse/melody style, a la "The Nightingale" & "Rosemarie", accompanying yourself on whatever instrument(s)* you feel like. That would tick a bunch of folkie boxes that a strict early-music definition might miss, and probably generate some great cover versions too. The story just seems a natural for incorporating music into.

Anyway, keep us posted via this thread, and maybe get Joe to change it to something alluringly descriptive, e.g. "13th century tale of King Arthur" or some such.

* PS: Pick up your harp, girl! It's a natural for this programme. I have a lovely friend, only down the road from you, who could help with that, or else recommend somebody. I'd do it myself, with a heart and a half as they say here - if only we didn't live on separate islands. All you really need is to get the technique basics for simple song accompaniment (which don't want to be distractingly elaborate anyway), and you could always take it further from there if you wanted to. Yeah, I know... with all that (hahahahahahahaha) spare time weighing you down...