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Posted By: Rob Naylor
16-Feb-19 - 04:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Should 'Jihadi bride' come back to UK?
Subject: RE: BS: Should 'Jihadi bride' come back to UK?
They stole relatives' jewellery and sold it. One of them was 16 and able to book tickets. They also held enough money back for paying the guy who smuggled them into Syria.

I struggle a bit with the idea that they didn't know what they were getting into.... The video of relief worker Alan Henning being beheaded was all over the Internet well before they left, and I can't believe they weren't aware of it.

A lot of the people I know who are saying "they were just kids" are the same people who were campaigning for the referendum voting age to be lowered to 16 on the grounds that people of that age are perfectly capable of exercising mature judgement.

I'm a bit ambivalent about how to treat her.... As a British citizen, and assuming she doesn't have dual nationality, she has the right to return, but I don't think the government should provide funds or resources for her to do so. Maybe the congregation of the mosque her family attends could give some charitable assistance? If she's 9months pregnant she won't be allowed to fly, though.

As to how much is spent on rehabilitating her, treating her for PTSD etc, I'm somewhat aligned with Al here, knowing how little help the government has given to a number of service personnel suffering from PTSD who I know from my "tabbing" events.