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Posted By: Jim Carroll
12-Feb-19 - 06:08 AM
Thread Name: Where Have all the Folkies Gone
Subject: RE: Where Have all the Folkies Gone
"I think, by and large, the reduction in numbers is due to an aging population."
The Numbers began to reduce sharply thirty odd years ago Dave - we were in our prime then
Even if it were true, it avoids the fact that, unlike Ireland, the UK is failing miserably to attract young people in sufficient enough numbers to make uo for the ageing process
The answer lies in those involved so pointing the finger is just passing the buck
For a long time asking for a grant for traditional music was pushing an already open door - those working at the music proved that the cultural importance of the music and got the support - once the enthusiasts took the music seriously, the Arts bodies followed
Now Irish music has become an important part of the Irish economy by drawing visitors in to listen, play, learn and research - this one-street town on the West Coast survived the 'Banker's Folly' recession by being recognised as being 'the home of Irish Traditional Music'
You can make your venues places for a knees-up or where you put bums on seats, but I believe the future of traditional music lies in its cultural and historical importance
Ther is no reason on earth why you can't accept and work at that and enjoy singing, playing and listening at the same time
There's little hope of that happening in the UK since the EFDSS seems to have lost the plot (as confirmed by Stradling's letter) and even the researchers seem to have decided that there's nothing special about Folk song, that it's no different from the oupourings of the commercial music buisnesses and that it never was music created by the folk (as was once established by a centuries worth of research) anyway
The UK folk scene seems hell-bent on self-harm, from where I stand