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Posted By: Jim Carroll
12-Feb-19 - 03:31 AM
Thread Name: Where Have all the Folkies Gone
Subject: RE: Where Have all the Folkies Gone
"Jim, performers in the club had to sing in their own accents and songs from their own background,"
No they didn't Dick
I was never asked to sing in a Liverpool accent in my life - this is a complete distortion of what the club did - nor was I ever expected to confine my repertoire to se shanties
This is typical of the myths that surrounded MacColl and the club
When Lomax came to Britain Ewan, Bert and the rest were singing American songs - I have a recording of MacColl singing 'Sixteen Tons' here somewhere
Lomax suggested that if the clubs were going tto mean anything to British people they needed to examine the British repertoire - MacColl and Lloyd took his advice and began to devote their activities to the British and Irish repertoires
The scene moved away from being Guthrie wannabes to exploring our indigenous traditions - it worked
The problem arose again a few years later when some singers wanted to become Bobbie Bleaters or Joanie Clones
If you find that 'restrictive' that's your prerogative, personally I believe it not pretending what you are not
I sing Scots songs - dozens of them - and Irish ones - I always have; but I restrict them to the ones I can Anglicise comfortably, not becaus of any rule-book but because I can't get them to work for me in a phony accent
Nobody ever stopped me singing in th Singers Club - Pat and I even shared an evening with Ewan and Peg one night; both of us, especially Pat, who, (according to Ewan), was a great ballad singer with a repertoire of Scots ballads
Your post is somewat contradictory - you appear to be arguing against yourself

You know all this - we've discussed it before
You've read Peggy's letter to The Living Tradition apologising for her reaction to the singer in Walthamstowe trying to sound like a black chain-gang convict
Every time you make this statement you call Peggy a liar - I'll pass on her address if you want to do it personally (not true of course, Peggy has enough to cope with)
Jim Carroll