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Posted By: Tyke
13-Feb-01 - 07:12 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: What Is Folk?
Subject: RE: HELP -what is folk music?
Sorry i don't know what "Folk Music" is! It might be music that I lisent to in an English Pub. Even if I have paid to get into the room it could still be Folk Music. The money paid insure that the people in that room have come to listen! To the music and not to talk over it. A minnimal ammount paid on the door put's the room under the control of the Organisers giving them the right to ask people to keep quiet and observe some common curtisy to the singer's. I would walk in or out of a Folk Club whilst someone was in the middle of a song. Broken conections aside I apply the same rule to myself whilst in the Paltalk Room.

The oldest Folk Club in the World is the Topic Folk Club in Bradford West Yorkshire England. It was established in 1956 when the Rusians sent Tanks into Hungary (I thik it was Hungary my History might not be that good!). The Bradford Communist Party all resigned in protest and started the Topic Folk Club so that they could all still meet on Friday Nights and sing the Same Songs. The pit falls of deciding who is singing an apopriate song for the Paltalk room are many. Including what happened one Friday Night at the Topic FC. Bob Dylan turned up to do a floor spot before he was famous. He was turned away because he had an Acoustic Guitar and this was a Traditional Club! I wonder if who ever it was that turned him away has ever lived it down! I bet his or her mistake drove them nutty (Sorry could not resist that)Its a minefield being an MC you have my simpathy even if and when you get it wrong. I refer you to an Old Yorkshire Saying " Them what never make's a Buggar make's Buggar all" Cheers