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Posted By: Vic Smith
21-Jan-19 - 02:16 PM
Thread Name: Vibrant UK folk music scenes
Subject: RE: Vibrant UK folk music scenes
Akenton wrote:-
Freddy Anderson giving his recitations to huge acclaim.....

I hope that you will excuse this diversion but I could not resist telling this story that Ray Fisher told me about Freddy. If you never saw him, he was a small but wonderful left-wing ranter who was a regular at various folk venues and political rallies in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Ray was the guest singer at a club in Glasgow when she was first making a name for herself. In the audience that night that night was a well known Glasgow hood and everyone was pretty wary. He seemed to enjoy Ray and asked her to come with him to his late night drinking club and sing there. He wasn't the sort of person that you said 'no' to but the young Ray felt that she would need some support. Would any of the other singers in the folk club come with her. Not a chance... but up speaks Freddy. He would come. Ray said that the clientele at this drinking den were a pretty fearful bunch but she felt that it was going OK. Then after a set of songs, up speaks the hood.
"Whit aboot yer wee man... Dis he hae ony sangs?"
"Oh no!" thinks Ray, but up steps Freddy.
"Nae sangs bit Ah'm a po-yit."
"Weel, ye'd better gie us ane o' yir po-yums."
Ray covers her eyes as Freddy starts. It's perhaps his best known piece - the one about the travails and struggles of "we puir Carlton Weaver lads..."
He finishes and there is stunned silence. Eventually the hood finds his voice and intones, "Wis that no murder?"
Ray & Freddy were able to leave quite soon after but not before Ray had been given a tip that was larger than her folk club fee.

Right. That's it. Now back to listing the places where Lyn can hear good folk song on her return.