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Posted By: wysiwyg
20-Jan-19 - 01:01 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019
Typos in prev post.... Try = tdy. New fone autocorrect is a slow learner.

We are agreed that Yano services (with a new company) should resume on 2hrs/wk, even if we have to pay 100%-- as soon as Daejanna can start us with the non-personal care provider she now realizes was needed all along. I've emailed her.

Done this AM:

Coffee chat re finances and transfer of all bill paying to Greg for now, so he can consolidate his internal budgeting senses, with all info managed via our shared office space and frequent communication. Ohio bills I've paid via various means will now go thru his paperless system. For now my monthly SS will go to groceries, haircuts, dog costs, and savings. He plans to visit the local SS ofc to check on increasing mine and other tax related Q's. (There will be another system agreed for the start of the 2nd quarter.)

We are agreed that until the PA utility expenses and moving costs are done in March, we will undertake no increase in cable, other monthly bills, or other large expenditures.

We are agreed to find a 2019 tax preparer ASAP to determine Ohio State taxes, and that we will keep 2019 receipts for possible itemization, should our final choice of tax preparer advise itemizing as they become more familiar with the insane new Trump tax code.

My ADL stuff:
. Week's synthroid pill sorter set back to Sunday or Monday weekly setup.
. Newbie meds ditto.
. Last wk's pee bucket emptied and soaking.
. This wk's fresh pee bucket moved outside BR door into my dressing alcove w privacy curtain. Wiping materials there also, incl new reacher made today. We are agreed the house needs this camping potty, pending adding the second toilet near the kitchen. Now there's a toidy at each end of the hallway.
. Bathroom reacher and wiping cloths added to bathroom. As my UTI's become Lee frequent I can get back to the real loo at night.
. Clean laundry all put away including those cloth wipes in both locations.
. Next laundry running.
. BR hamper for dirty laundry is empty and back in the BR.
. Large hamper for emptying dryer is empty and back on top of the dryer.
. The LR bench that had held all clothes imported from PA is once again empty except for one linens dept. item of unascertained destination, and ready for Newbie napping or laundry folding (or a guest to sit).
. Sewing items have been discussed for either Greg to do or the pricey local tailor, and set aside where they can be seen and either used as is or sent to house or tailor sewing dept.
. The clothes drying rack taking up the sewing room space is put away in its spot.
. I missed brekky but had early lunch.
. Dinner items are set, on hand or to be made.

Another round of ADL remediation is planned for the afternoon, after Greg hems his jeans he hoped to hem today.

Then we can dig out from Snowmageddon II.