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Posted By: wysiwyg
16-Jan-19 - 02:25 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019
So... ydy was a long day of household biz, working alongside and supervidising an awful Yano 9am - 1pm and wonderful Brandon 2:40-4:30pm, with a county care mgr mtg sandwiched between (with very short breaks). By the end of all that, which included a Goodwill trip for me, I was whipped and brainfogged and grateful that Greg suggested dining out. Arepas! Then another hour of physical work after supper, assembling our very complicated bed. Ow!!!

The wonderful results of that hard day:

Two recliners set at the curb
A heavy analog TV (and small obsolete flat screen TV loaded in the car for recycling)
A small box of clothes and sneakers to Goodwill
Two recliners allocated to different rooms
Much more open space in Greg's sewing/music room.
Our normal bed height, and no more pitted foam camping mattresses requiring re-stuffing every six weeks
Clean bedding
Improved settings on the new lightweight smart TV Greg found on sale
Assurance that the two file cabinets (needed to free up floor space in the TV section of the library) will indeed fit in the closet formerly occupied by the heavy analog TV
Discussion w Brandon about keeping Tues aftns open for us and confirmed he's moving those file cabinets next Tuesday
Discussions w Brandon re how to work best here w two bosses w very different working styles, and a raise
More space in garage (one recliner had been there) for Greg's workout equipment
A better garage locay for my walker/chair (replacing that recliner)-- SO useful for grocery unloading and/or waiting for a ride
Reallocation of warm fleeces for each chair
An improved TV area for us to share
Rug runners to cross painfully cold but necessarily bare tile floor to TV chairs
A warmer sleeping space for Greg-- his side was so much colder than mine and it took awhile to understand why
A new step for my side
A better Arepa recipe (3 kinds)
More music and sewing furniture for Greg

Care mgr Daejanna affirmed my frustrations w clnrs and turnover. It emerged that her notes indicating personal care needs were wrong, so straight clng companies the county contracts with have not been an option before. All three of us agreed that taking a break from weekly services makes sense while she reassesses our eligibility/copay rates now that there are two seniors here, and a change in income and costs. Can we state now what help we actually need? No. Do we know now our exact income? No. Do we know now our new medical copay rates, annualized? No. Do we know our annual anticipated Rx costs? No.

She affirms that Retiring Is Like That, and that there's a lot more stress involved than we'd anticipated. Says we're doing really well and its normal that it doesn't feel that way! ;-)

She'll drop off a new financial form later this aftn.


Progress re-pillowing newly re-allotted chairs from ydy work day and removing my items from (his) sewing room. This led to a discussion during my rest from an hour of working hard in the house, re orthopedic pillows and the level of concern with blocking my chairs. Everyone does it, and it has to stop immediately. I'm going to dress each medically necessary chair in an old but vividly pink t-shirt or top!