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Posted By: Jon Freeman
13-Feb-01 - 01:17 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: What Is Folk?
Subject: RE: HELP -what is folk music?
Nutty, I never thought otherwise. Why I had hoped it would not crop is simply that I have read hundreds of posts on this subject and have never seen agreement on the subject.

I have proposed a definition that I think would be suitable for PalTalk, what do you think about it?

With regards to the Song Circle room, I do expect some degree of difference of opinion as to where the boundaries of folk lie just as I expect Adimins to use thier own judgement as to what that clearly is not folk may or may not be acceptable in the room.

There is for example a certain amount of pop music that I would let go at least once round without getting excited about, an example could be an accoustic version of Hotel California. Another Admin could hear the same song and put their foot down straight away.