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Posted By: Steve Shaw
21-Dec-18 - 08:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Clerical abuse of kids: More Revelations
Subject: RE: BS: Clerical abuse of kids: More Revelations
"Is the work of Garrison Keillor and Bill Cosby and Cardinal Pell and so many others, of no value? What should we do with regards to the work they've done?"

I think the only answer to this is that you can do what you like. In another thread there's been some chat about Wagner, whose views about Jews were utterly despicable. For me, that means I'll have nothing to do with his music, won't listen to it on the radio, won't have it in the house. But my hero Daniel Barenboim, a Jew who hates what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, took Wagner's music to Israel and took the flak. I can say I think he was wrong-headed, but hey, that's just my opinion. To me, there's something about sexual predators, especially the ones who target children, that makes me immediately want to dismiss anything else they've achieved. But that's me, and if you see things differently that's fine with me as well. As far as attacks on Catholic clergy go, let's just make sure that we attack the institution in its failings. Let's not tar the whole clergy with the misdeeds of a minority. I've been involved with Catholicism babe, child, boy and man for most of my life. Not any more (even though we've just dispatched my dad in as thoroughly a Catholic manner as you could wish for). I'm one of them thar militant atheists these days. But I've known hundreds of Catholics, pupils, students, nuns, priests, brothers, teachers and even Bishop bloody Victor (who I got the better of). I've even shaken hands with Cardinal Hume. To a man or woman, they are no better or worse than anyone else. So just make bloody sure that your long knives are reserved for the actual buggers who deserve them, that's all I'm saying.