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Posted By: Gurney
19-Nov-18 - 09:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Long gone stationery supplies
Subject: RE: BS: Long gone stationery supplies
Her Indoors wanted some blotting paper for use in her sometimes hobby of calligraphy. At several stationary-suppliers, we had to explain what it was. No-one under about the age of 60 had ever heard of it.
One attractive young counter-hand didn't even know what a fountain-pen and a writing-pad was.
Printer paper, even of high quality, doesn't take liquid ink very well.
Oddly, some shops DID sell calligraphy pens and ink. Old stock?
Paper kitchen towels will blot fairly well. If used with care.

It was only in my last year of school (England, 1956) were we allowed to use biros/ballpoints. And only posh kids had fountain-pens.

There are DINOSAURS among you.