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Posted By: Mr Red
19-Nov-18 - 03:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Long gone stationery supplies
Subject: RE: BS: Long gone stationery supplies
anyone remember the Rapidograph pen? And you could buy plastic templates/stencils separately which amounted to your Leroy set. The Rapidograph was more like a fountain pen but used the same hollow nib and wire plunger, but you shook the pen and the internal weight pushed the wire to break the seal on congealed indian ink. (remember that?)

ADANA flatbed printer

I bought one too. Then in later life I had a larger one given to me. Printed all my Xmas cards. At one time I carved lino cuts with the image of brass rubbings, using miniature woodworking tools and sanded the lino dead flat.
A retired art master was incredulous that anyone could carve lino in such fine detail, but the trick was those woodcarving tools. That and young eyes.

I now print my Xmas cards from the PC and still make (steal sometimes) the jokes. The best one (I claim entirely as my own) is a picture of Mount Victoire and underneath
Cezanne's Greetings

Ho ho ho ho.............