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Posted By: Vic Smith
10-Nov-18 - 07:55 AM
Thread Name: John Reilly, traveller singer.
Subject: RE: John Reilly, traveller singer.
Search 'Stewarts' and you discover a goldmine of Scots Traveller singing
I can't find our if they are listanable to - are they?
Jim Carroll

As you can probably imagine, I was on to this site like a shot to find out what was there and there they were - quite a few of the singers that we had met in Fetterangus in 1971 - Lucy Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart, Jane & Cameron Turiff, Christina 'Teeny' Stewart (Jane's mother) All of whom lived in the same street, Gaval Street, Fetterangus. There are quite a number of tapes Goldstein that ad just labelled 'Stewart Family' without mentioning whether they were made in Fetterangus or Blairgowrie though I suspect the latter because they were recorded in 1972 and 1973, the two years that I met Goldstein at the TMSA Festival in Blairgowrie.
There is masses here that will take a long time to investigate but my first move was to see what he had recorded from Jane & Cameron. There may be other stuff on the tapes which contain numbers of singers but there was a 7" reel of tape recordings made on 30 March 1960 at the same time Goldstein was staying in Fetterangus and made the recordings that ended up on the Lucy Stewart/Child Ballads/Folkways recordings that Jim mentions. Lucy and The Turriffs lived four doors from one another.
The contents of side 1 of this tape are given as:-
Track 1         "The Laird o' Esslemont" -Cameron Turriff
Track 2         "The Lowland's [indecipherable]" -Cameron Turriff
Track 3         "A Mother's Love is a Blessing" -Cameron Turriff
Track 4         "The Ram o' Derby" -Jane Turriff
Track 5         "House on Monday" -Cameron Turriff
Track 6         "Win Graham It was My Name" -Cameron Turriff
Track 7         "Molly and her Collier Boy" -Cameron Turriff
Track 8         "The Ram o' derby" -Jane Turriff
Track 9         "The Cobbler" -Jane Turriff
Track 10         "I'm a Rover' -Cameron Turriff
Track 11         "The Old Pals are Always the Best" -Jane and Cameron Turriff
Track 12         "The Faithful Sailors" -Cameron Turriff

To me this is absolutely priceless stuff. Strangely to me there are no big ballads here, because that is what Jane wanted to sing to us in 1971. No listings are given for side 2 but the ballas may be there. I have checked these recordings against the Roud Index and none of them are listed there, which is quite something on its own.
Now the biq question:-
I can't find our if they are listanable to - are they?
Well there are clickable links there so they should be but they don't open for me. Then I notice a Log In tab at the top but clicking on that asks for your email address and password with anything that I can find about how to register. I have emailed the archive department at the University of Mississippi asking for permission to access them. Rather ominously, at the bottom of the track listing that I have given above, it says:-
This media file is made available solely on J.D. Williams Library computers for research. This file may not be reproduced, re-posted, captured, or saved.

I am forwarding my email to Mississippi to Jim. If he does not receive it then my address book is out of date and he should contact me.