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Posted By: keberoxu
06-Nov-18 - 10:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: White Man Trump Speaks With Forked Tongue
Subject: RE: BS: White Man Trump Speaks With Forked Tongue
I agree with Donuel:
Trumplestiltskin looked like an ash-blond the other night.

Oh, and on television I watched Caitlyn Jenner under moderate lighting.
Oh dear oh dear.
The makeup was better suited to darkness with brilliant lights,
not lighting that approximates daytime.
In fact the makeup contours went in one direction,
and the bone contours under the skin went in quite another,
and you could see both overlapping ... it looked amateurish.

Anyway, the 2018 election.
Massachusetts Senatorial incumbent Elizabeth Warren has easily
won herself a second term,
so she is still there for Trumplestiltskin to take aim at.

Driving the car, I had NPR Public Radio on, covering the early results.
And remarking on Trumplestiltskin.
The Washington Post was quoted at length,
to the effect that the candidates' speeches are issue-focused,
while Trumple is so different in his emphases ...
no, I gotta be careful here. I almost put words in someone's mouth.

So, my words:
Trump's speeches of late have sounded like he comes
from another ... world.
Cue the voice of Rod Serling,
or if you like,
of Mark Russell impersonating Rod Serling:

"galaxies removed from our own."