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Posted By: Donuel
22-Oct-18 - 08:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: White Man Trump Speaks With Forked Tongue
Subject: RE: BS: White Man Trump Speaks With Forked Tongue
Orange Suprmacists are the worst. However Trump has gone with a more yellow dye since his election.

The bump stock ban is hung up and may take another couple years for any action.
The separated children detention centers are still full of over 1300
The wall is still in a 7th century feedback loop with no action.

Troops are to report to the border to fend off desperate Guatamalan famlies. Will they shoot?

Family values has changed regarding lieing, encouraging assault and battery, not believing women and daughters, locking up the evil criminal mobs of democrat traitors and murdering fake news journalists. There is still no finalized action to counter opioids despite the Senate paaing a bill 98 to on The one was a republican.
Trump ordered breaking the Reagan nuclear treaty with Russia and begin an arms race. This sounds like an introduction to war, but where?