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Posted By: Donuel
16-Oct-18 - 03:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: White Man Trump Speaks With Forked Tongue
Subject: RE: BS: White Man Trump Speaks With Forked Tongue
I defend good ideas that doesn't include guns.

"Stand up America. where at least I know I'm free"
Was not a joke but a credo for the right.
Kneeling America is part of that fight for the heart of a nation.

As America gives up on value after value there comes a time where they have to recognize what they value is not a loyalty to a fat lieing corrupt fascist ingenuous man. The proper name can not be used and the devil is too lucifurious.

The anthym can not be a joke. It must be a proud reminder of our debt to our fathers who fought fascism or even a more emotional appeal.

Well, BLANK ,I take your point, I'd be interested to hear your practical plans for preventing what Trump and his cohorts want