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Posted By: Mossback
16-Oct-18 - 11:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: White Man Trump Speaks With Forked Tongue
Subject: RE: BS: White Man Trump Speaks With Forked Tongue
Well, Joe,I take your point, I'd be interested to hear your practical plans for preventing what Trump and his cohorts want. While the Orange Menace is texting, the criminals he's surrounded himself with and the gutless Republican Wonders in Congress are licking his arse and enacting his agenda.

The Bruce person and the Bobad person and the Iains person are some of his strongest supporters, and there are others here as well. What they may lack in numbers they certainly make up for in volume, output, and vituperation.

If you're not seriously worried about what Trump and his Flock of Felons* are doing you should be- any thinking person is. And the very LAST thing these people and this situation are is funny.

Telling jokes ain't gonna get this crap fascist administration out of office.



* Thank you, Dan Rather.