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Posted By: Senoufou
14-Sep-18 - 08:03 AM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Thank you Jon.
How kind of you to give PussPuss four pouches, he must have been so hungry to get all that down him!
I've 'trained' Spirit to come when I make a special noise (a sort of 'kiss kiss' sound) when he's lurking about. If I hiss, he shoves off.
I find cats respond to signals and sounds.

At night when we're ready to go to bed, we stand there clapping our hands loudly and our two immediately get up from the sofa and head for their cosy beds in the kitchen. They sleep together in one bed, but sometimes one is sick (Siamese seem to huff up quite a lot, no idea why!) and they can swiftly decamp into the other bed.

I bet we look right wallies standing there clapping. Ruth-across-the-road saw us doing that one evening in our front garden, and she doubled up. She asked us, "What? Are yew a-givin' them bloomin' cats a rownd uv applause?"