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Posted By: ollaimh
06-Sep-18 - 04:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Clerical abuse of kids: More Revelations
Subject: RE: BS: Clerical abuse of kids: More Revelations
and of course remember that most of the criminal convictions in canada for torture, are for catholic priests and their employees for their racist torture, illegal medicval experiments and sexual abuse of the native children for whom they took moral and physical responsibility. this isn't the only evil church but arguably the worst.

these scandals were openly admitted to by the canadian anglican chursh in their quarterly in 1996. catholics have yet to apologize or make sufficeint restitution.

moreover, i advocate strict criminal penalities for not just abuse but for felong child enadnagerment if one does not warn parents of the presence of pedophiles in the employ of the church in their area. as msgr william lynn was convicted(on appeal at last reading)

jim carrol this isn't mob.(an incedibly stupid assertion) it's criminal law . a pilar of ethical society, unlike christianity which is a pilar of evil.

the catholic church has avoided paying damages where ever they can joe. in my area they want to local church members in the acadien pennisula and capre breton to raise the funds to pay law suits rather than the church. more oever in the usa multiple diosesses have stashed their cash in corporate entities such as grave yard maintaince funds. the chicago group has millions stashed thus. enough to cover grave yeard maintaince for the whole country!!! they are doing what ever they can to avoid responsibility. california has stricter laws forcing payment of damages for serious torts. they are only doing t he minimum undet the law. their standard remains thatof --if you can't throw us in jail or prove it in court we have no ethical responsiblites.

the american native residential schools have been caught destroying records of childern who were suing, to avoid payments. so as natives have less access to lawyers few get compensation for rape abuse and illegal medical experiments.

and it is no accident that this chuch made the deal with the nazis, to get control over german education, in return for the catholic centre party supporting hitler's legislating dictatorial powers and made the latern accord with mussolini. crimes for which they will never be forgiven if there is a god. so is it all about nazis? is sure is for the catholic church, not me.