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Posted By: wysiwyg
23-Aug-18 - 08:27 AM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House

Unable to go back to sleep after a tweaked knee, I made an early morning foto "inventory" of upstrs boxes remaining to purge/pack. I enlarged them to be able to read the instrux I'd left myself on them.

This will help facilitate communication on what I need brought down/when, and lets me plan DOWNSTAIRS for boxes that are UPSTAIRS-- my knees just can no longer do these particular stairs more then once a day. For today, all I needed from up there was a folding tray table I'd used in the gardening room, which Hardi has now kindly brought down to increase my work surface downstairs.

In addition to these boxes, there are two gray storage bins to explore (and mostly donate/purge contents). Those will be emptied for use in open-trailer hauling, the same way I've used trash bins to keep cargo dry in the past.

We're about to hit the wknd svcs sked, which may mean work on this pauses till Monday; but paid help moving them to the main floor has been discussed. Hardi is now open about his own, aging abilities; for a long time I was the only chronically-creaky one! ;-)

I have one small, half-full cube box already downstairs, for work today, that fits well with work completed and left pending ydy. We can just enjoy each other over the ministry-sked days, and I can resume messy sorting on Monday... hoping for a movie tonight.

Now if I can just catch that cat... she appears to have survived a suddenly-cold overnight (extra food eaten last night that I'd set into an insulated box). Today, she graduates to straight tunafish. I see now what her eating sked is, and by mid afternoon an especially smelly bowl should attract her to the van, which I'll park nearby and where I can pop her into Newbie's crate. I'll first remove Newbie's cushion. (We can hose out any cat germs she may leave.)

Wish me good hunting!