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Posted By: ollaimh
22-Aug-18 - 01:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Clerical abuse of kids: More Revelations
Subject: RE: BS: Clerical abuse of kids: More Revelations
and evil apologist who say "who is to blame?" are as bad as the child rapists. the whole organization is to blame for decades, probably centuries, of cover up of major crimes. when all the administrators who knew but did nothing adequate to see the rapists jailed should also be jailed. then they will stop the cover up.. once pedophiles know thr raping children church isn't a safe haven they will not have the protection they need to commit these vile crimes.

anyone who looking into these issues and studied them and worked within the church for the last several decades is complicit, most of those should be jailed for life. the apologists, rationalizers, hand wringers and cover up people are to blame. time for strict felony child endagermaent prosecutions nation wide until they lock up the lot of them for life.(and i note some of those aiders and abetters are nazi cover up people as well)