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Posted By: wysiwyg
20-Aug-18 - 05:11 AM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitn ess - Clearing Out the House

Assessed upstairs packing space-- all boxes moved when Hardi removed a room-sized rug, but I had labeled those boxes with contents and next-steps "note to self" instrux, so all I need is for them to be brought downstairs. A card table for sorting/purging was freed up ydy when I disassembled my old arranging table/autoharp stand to pass on to our nephew-- HS frosh genius has started a garage band and this stand is actually a very nice folding keyboard stand.

While I was touring this area upstairs I VERY happily found a lamp I had forgotten was up there-- it's a floor lamp with a super heavy but small base andwo aimable can lights; the pole can also carry added clamp lamps. Great light for my little scaled-down pider corner here andgreat grow light for Ohio later. This greatGoodwill find was pennies and I couod not beleive then that I scored it. This puder corner is so dark ar noght that I have been folding down the screen a bit eachtime I need light on the keys to find Ctrl-V! That gets old quick!

A very nice emaciated cat turned up on our return, begging on the porch. Does not seem to know how to hunt. We don't want any more cats right now, but I found that the Humane Society next county over will take her for just $10, so we'll feed her up a few days and then drop her off on our way to some day-off fun. She was someone's pet-- very docile to handle. Gray-toned tortie. Suspect she is either preggers or in heat, so I'm glad to nab her before she spwans and hides with the kittens.

Yesterday I scrubbed off the goum that forms on the back of my Correlle plates here unless washed in a particular way-- an ongoing "catching up" project necessitated by the pace of ministry life and all the packoing I had been focused on leading up to May. We originally had several sets of four of each piece (those boxed sets), and the color match the Ohio kitchen so I set a few aside to take there--my Goodwill everyday mismatches there are chipping past sanitary use and ready to become garden decor. By the time the teenagers had moved out, we'd accumulated 3 or 4 sets of four, and when Hardi is here alone he sure doesn't use 12 plates! Since the DW is kaput here I prefer to wash them in the Ohio DW with water that doesn't cause this buildup and discoloration.