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Posted By: wysiwyg
19-Aug-18 - 12:12 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Acme, gave you tried LibriVox?


OK, I arrived PA Friday 8/17 afternoon to furniture changes, filth, and disorder with crazy BP just starting to come down w emergency meds we'd gotten on the road. The planned work for this compressed 3 weeks now includes restoration of beauty and order (BO) for the ground floor. It's clear Hardi was doing a lot of clng while I was gone, but this house is this house and he respected my process so much that not one item I'd dropped in the May load-up had been moved, so how do you clean around that? And guy cleaning, not girl cleaning. Ew. Also his DR space got a little pack-ratted, which will need helpful attention to get another big piece of furniture out to deliver to Ohio son and DIL.

I looked into but don't qualify for senior svcs here. :-( But I have a line on paid help here finally! It's a dude but I suspect he's just the right one.

So I'll need to clean up a bit of my own May stuff and swipe other areas as seen that are in my reach and within my scope. No problem-- following my own Mudgather rules will keep me moving (and not subsiding back into PA Chair Life).

The rest of the house mission for these 3 weeks is to purge and pack PA archives to fit no more than 5 bankers boxes; pack any other ground floor miscellaneana I encounter that I know where to store in Xenia; prep for my next return. The goal is to spend a few hours on that daily while leaving time for relationship activities, and of course support the start of the parochial fall season.

Yesterday-- ordered the other meds that are running short; prepped music for memorializing our dear friend at the service last night; cleared up items unloaded from car and blocking my access to Dog World; assessed water resources and made grocery list. Quick check of good clothes here-- few. Enjoyed movie and lunch together after his AM office check and urgent call on the just-released hospital patient-- clergy vacay returns are seldom peaceful but this dear lady survived, yay!

Today: I made progress on LR BO and got its second recliner emptied for daily knee relief. Spotted items to modify leg pillow upstairs layer tonight. Several items went into waiting Goodwill bag. Others to waiting recycle bins. Started new trash bin.

Yet to do today-- dishes (DW busted), and sanitized water reservoir-- it got slimy inside due to increased K lighting in my absence.

First thing tomorrow-- laundry. Too little here now to let it go. Also have to go see seamstress for a possible copying of my Fabulous Coat, which is looking worn. She can also take in a new shirt I bought and I can copy her alterations on the 3 identical shirts in Ohio.